Friday, May 2, 2014

spring semester-- thank you

Thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly first Saturday events at Kite's Nest. We are done with those classes for this semester. They were a lot of fun -- check out Facebook and the blog for photos of those events.

 In the fall, we will offer a full day of math, writing, arts and science at Kite's Nest for homeschool kids of various ages during the week, designed to meet the needs of area homeschool families. If you have ideas or requests, please email us.

More to come! Thanks for participating.

Monday, April 14, 2014

call for teen homeschool students

Teens and their families (homeschooled and otherwise): where are you?

(Also, don't forget: Spanish at the library tomorrow!)

If we can get enough interest among HS age homeschoolers, we can take advantage of a number of programs that offer college credit to teens. It could be a great new resource for college credit for teens with other teens in excellent classes with government support (like everyone else) -- available to homeschoolers and everyone else. 

Members of The Home Education Resource Center, in conjunction with HATCH of Hudson, recently met with Columbia-Greene Community College. It turns out, there are many ways for teen homeschoolers to get college credit.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

frogs and spring

Every year I note the night the peepers, frogs, come out. It's a very clear marker of spring, as all the frogs come out at once -- once one male frog starts singing for a mate, the others come right out and join in so it goes from quiet one night to loud the next night. It is loud right now.

Here are 7 years of first nights.

First Saturday April was a lot of fun: thanks for coming.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

announcing THREE events

EVENT ONE: HATCH First Saturday
Bookbinding and Islands of the Imagination

Our third first Saturday event for April (we do events the first Saturday of every month) will be on Saturday, April 5 at Kite's Nest, Front Street, Hudson from 2 PM to 4:30 PM. You can drop your children off or, if they are young and might need extra help or if you would like to learn the activities yourself, you (adult) are welcome to stay with your child and work with us.

For our third HATCH event we will split up into two groups, with each group doing bookbinding for an hour and Islands of the Imagination for an hour.

In room one, Ulrike Grannis will teach bookbinding. If you participated in the paper marbleizing workshop, please bring your marbleized paper to the bookbinding event. In the bookbinding event, you will learn the ancient art of hand binding beautiful books.

In room two, Will Pflaum (me) will lead a class called Islands of the Imagination. In this class, students think about maps. Water runs down hill. Cities and towns are often near the ocean or a river. It can be hard to get over mountains. Some places have rainy season and dry season, while some have long winters. Then, every student will invent a fictional world, their own island of the imagination. These lands can lead to stories, myths, characters...

With other homeschool groups, this idea of fictional worlds has lead to published books, which we will have on hand to give us more ideas about what you can do with your fictional world.

The responses to our first two events, paper marbleizing and wool day, day three, was great. So, for event number three, we would like reservations in advance please. Email here.

The cost is $10 per student, plus $6 for siblings.

EVENT NUMBER TWO: Spanish for Spring Break
Can't go south for sun for Spring Break? Get some culture from slightly warmer places that would not be all that warm right now anyway!

Join us (me) at the Hudson Library for music, poetry and games in Spanish.

For children of all ages, no fee. Hudson Area Library on April 15, noon to 2 PM. Drop off your kids or stay. Free fun! 400 State St, Hudson, NY 12534 Phone:(518) 828-1792

April is poetry month. In celebration, we will translate an old Spanish poem that has never been translated to English before. It's the best way to read a poem: by translating it, you will understand it very well and never forget it. You might learn a little Spanish.

Also, we will learn to sing a 1970s song by some long-haired Argentinian hippies. And play drums and guitar! No English will be spoken (other than when translating the poem). 


I (me) am in a group show at BCB Gallery -- and here is the book of art for sale at the gallery.

BeLo Third is sponsoring Dine Art on April 12, from 5 to 7 PM. If you go to BCB gallery you will be able to sample the food of Relish
and see a lot of art (including mine). White wine and pelligrion.

So, hope to see you at:

Bookbinding and map making: Saturday April 5, at 2 PM at Kite's Nest
Art: Saturday April 12 at 5 PM at BCB Gallery
Spanish: Tuesday April 15, at noon at the Hudson Area Library

Busy April!

Thanks. Will Pflaum.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

choir tonight (Tuesday!)

The brand new Athens Youth Choir meets tonight at the Athens Cultural Center, 4:45-6 pm. A few more singers are needed, so please help us spread the word. Many of us Greene County/Columbia County homeschoolers and schoolers have been working with Shelly Ley for years, and think she is a terrific teacher, and awesome choir leader. Due to the support of the Athens Cultural Center, this is a free choir. Please help us spread the word! And email for more info.