HATCH is a homeschool collective offering classes and workshops, gathering resources, and generally seeking to enhance and support the educational experience for Hudson-area homeschoolers

HATCH welcomes the full spectrum of homeschoolers, and welcomes classes and teachers generated by the homeschool community. Hatch's coordinators (currently Will Pflaum and Larissa Phillips) will organize prospective classes and teachers for each 5-week semester. 

HATCH seeks to fill in educational gaps for homeschool families, targeting the greatest needs in terms of schedule and academics. We are especially interested in explorations of an academic nature, but we will attempt to set up classes in response to the community's needs and interests.We will offer drop-off classes whenever possible. 

By increasing the educational opportunities and resources for homeschool families, HATCH hopes to make homeschooling a more fulfilling, successful, and realistic options for more families. 

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