Sunday, December 15, 2013

Welcome to HATCH

Welcome to HATCH, an education resource for homeschool families in the upper Hudson Valley. HATCH is a semi-contrived acronym that stands for Hudson Area Teaching Cooperative for Homeschoolers.

The mission (here) is to provide support for homeschool families in math, writing and education generally. We will be an additional resource (drop off program) for those currently or considering homeschooling. 

We start Wednesday January 8, 2014 and run for 5 weeks in our mini session, followed by a new 5 week session before summer break. Students from 7 years to 16 years, working in two age groups, can be dropped off at Kite's Nest, located in the Annex building of Basilica Hudson at 108 South Front St. at 10 AM and picked up at 2 PM.

We are happy to be working with the fabulous people at Kite's Nest who have been generous with their time and space. With Kite's Nest, will also become a center for learning and innovation in education, in addition to all the other great stuff there. Get it? HATCH? What hatches? An egg? Where does it hatch? In a nest!

Writing for Fun  (ages 7 and up) 
(must be able to write independently) (spelling not important)
Creative writing for younger kids. More.
Cost: $40

Poems for People who Hate Poetry (ages 10 and up) 
(must be able to write independently) (spelling not important)
Creative writing for older kids. More
Cost: $40

Number Machines (ages 7 and up)
Teacher: Will Pflaum
This is an introduction to variables and place value for small children. More. 
Cost: $40

From Crows to Aliens (ages 10 and up)
Teacher: Will Pflaum
This is a history of math course. More. 
Cost: $40

From 10 AM to 11 AM, we offer Writing for Fun and From Crows to Aliens.
Younger kids start with writing and older kids with math.

From 11 AM to noon, we offer Number Machines and Poems for People who Hate Poetry.
The kids switch, and the younger kids do math while the older kids work together on writing. 

From noon to 12:30, students eat together, their own packed lunches. 

From 12:30 to 2 PM we offer Arts Sampler, a chance to work together, get to know each other regardless of age, and learn terrific crafts. Parents are welcome to attend and work with younger kids. 
Cost: $60 for all classes. Students may also only take one class for $15. 

Wednesday, January 8: Paper marbelizing with Ulrike Grannis
Wednesday, January 15: Book binding with Ulrike.
Wednesday, January 23: Wool felting, and wool spinning demo with Larissa and Ulrike. 
Wednesday, January 30: Introduction to animation with Booker Dechert.
Wednesday, February 5: Islands of the Imagination with Will Pflaum. 

In addition to the costs for the classes, there is a $25 membership fee per family, payable to Kite's Nest. Fees for instruction are to be paid directly to instructor. 

That's the outline. For more information, please email Larissa.

Here is an animation by Booker using the paper marbelizing water of Ulrike:

no sound yet from glencadia on Vimeo.
henaa booker 2 Export from glencadia on Vimeo.

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