Monday, February 24, 2014

yesterday's event

Here is an article in the Register Star about yesterday's event. Very interesting discussions in the hallway afterward. Some good points not in the fine article:

-- There is a meme out there that you don't have to have a degree (college, for example) to succeed. Michael Strong mentioned it in his speech. We had an interesting discussion about this idea in the hallway. (Jim, from Vermont, said, "Michael Jordan was kicked off the basketball team in 8th grade and so was I. And am I an NBA player?")

-- I was not ready with fliers!

-- I wanted to pitch our event on March 1 -- and I did. No one could stop me!

-- Someone asked me about other things to do for homeschoolers -- his kids like music, etc., so I said the following:

-- Join Sheri Mayorga's choir, or keep an eye out for a choir lead by Shelly Lee

-- Take the writing class at Art OMI with Jennifer Wai­ Lan Strodl

-- Get in touch with Jeanette Roundy about the upcoming Science Fair.

-- Flying Deer has homeschool programs

-- You can join a homeschool group like, say, TALC

-- It's far and it's Christian but there is the Consortium to consider

-- There is a homeschool meet up in Kinderhook... I think I have an email address or two.

He already knew about Kite's Nest. What other good things can you do? Lots!

Good to see Ruth, Kaya, Pamela, all kinds of people and meet new people. Be sure to email me!

Email me for more on other options for homeschoolers locally. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Will! The Athens Youth Chorus starts up tomorrow. For grades 3-8, FREE for dedicated singers. This is a real music education as the children learn to read music, sing in harmony, develop their voice as an instrument, and learn about the historical context of music from around the world. A really great option for home schooled children in Greene County, and anyone in the community.
    Shelly Ley